IBA Freshmen Weekend

Are you a first-year IBA student willing to start your new student life on the right foot? Sign up for the one and only STAR IBA Freshmen Weekend 2024! At the beginning of September, we have planned an amazing weekend for you. We have planned all kinds of activities!

What is STAR?
STAR is the Student Association Rotterdam School of Management and the largest of its kind in Europe, with more than 6500 members. STAR seeks to enrich students’ life by organizing events, trips and other activities, and getting them in contact with other students, their study and companies. During the weekend, you will have the chance to get a closer look into the activities and essentials of STAR, gaining a wider understanding of its meaning.

The STAR IBA Freshmen Weekend 2024
Nevertheless, the STAR IBA Freshmen Weekend is much more than that: it is the perfect end of the summer holidays! Curious about the STAR IBA Freshmen Weekend? Keep an eye on our page!

For any question about the weekend, please send an email to ibafreshmen@rsmstar.nl

Kind regards,
The IBA Freshmen Weekend Committee

Events organized by IBA Freshmen Weekend