The premaster committee is a new committee with a very clear goal: connecting all RSM premaster students! We aim to provide a social and academic platform for these students to meet and socialize with fellow students. Besides drinks, parties, and other events, the Premaster committee organizes several activities, such as an introduction activity and above all, a study trip!

The structure of this committee is different from the other committees. The committee consists of five students: a chairman, marketing, commercial, program and a travel manager. The chairman is responsible for the overview of the yearbudget and all events and deadlines. Besides that he/she guides the committee and is responsible for the group cohesion. Marketing promotes all events and the study trip. You will also make the program booklet of the Study Trip and keep the Facebook group active. The commercial is in contact with external companies. He/She will also be in contact with universities and companies for the study trip. As a program you will be responsible for the general program year round and the program of the study trip. Last but not least the Travel manager is responsible for the study trip budget, the general overview timeline of the trip and you will guide the rest of the committee members.

The type of activities you and your committee want to organize is all up to you. Think about a karaoke night, boat party or a Christmas gala. Besides organizing social activities, you will also organize various academic events where you bring your fellow students in contact with the masters.

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