Business Information Management

Effective information management is at the heart of every organisation’s performance; yet individuals with a thorough understanding of the value of information to international business are scarce. As a result, students with both business and IT knowledge are becoming increasingly popular.

The Business Information Management (BIM) program focuses on the process of managing information as a strategic resource for improving overall business performance, with an emphasis on the potential for innovative information technologies.

The Master Study Club Business Information Management (MSC BIM) aims to bridge the gap between BIM students, the department and relevant companies. We want to facilitate BIM students with activities that add value to their Business Information Management study. By linking students, professors and companies, the synergy is able to provide added value for all groups. This is achieved through the organization of formal and informal activities, targeted activities with BIM-related companies, and representing BIM-members to our department, Decision and Information Sciences. This will have a positive effect for the Master BIM in general and all its stakeholders.

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