Wineke Haagsma

Director of Corporate Sustainability PwC

Wineke Haagsma is PwC’s Director of Corporate Sustainability. Since 2010, her work at PwC has focused exclusively on Corporate Sustainability (CS). While initially this role was confined to the Netherlands, she now has several CS responsibilities on a European, EMEA and Global level.
Wineke is responsible for the strategy and implementation of Corporate Sustainability, including initiatives related to the Sustainable Development Goals, circular economy, integrated dashboards, social enterprises and stakeholder engagement. She actively contributes to the global strategy in collaboration with the global team and individual leaders around the globe. She works on innovative ideas and stakeholder understanding and translates these insights into long-term value creation. Her passion is to bring capitalism and idealism together to maximize positive impact.
Besides that, she is a Member of the Board of Committee of the UN Global Compact the Netherlands, Chair of the Fly Different Panel (Werkgroep Anders Vliegen) and in the board of advisors of the Sustainable Flying Foundation (Stichting Duurzaam Vliegen). Furthermore, she is the co-author of PwC Netherlands’ SDG Booster research report, which investigates how listed companies, government authorities, social enterprises and NGOs integrate the SDGs into their strategy. She is also founder of the SDG Dome.

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