Support external parties

There are various support helplines in addition to the EUR and RSM's support. You can find relevant helplines listed below. Victim assistance and Frisse gedachtes are two examples.

Support external parties

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POH GGZ (GP Psychologist)

The POH-GGZ offers question clarification, diagnostics, short-term treatment or (longer-term) support and guidance to persons with psychological complaints, or a mild or stable chronic psychological disorder. Every general practitioner has a POH GGZ.

Suicide prevention line

113 Suicide Prevention is the national Dutch suicide prevention centre, financed mainly by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (Ministerie van VWS). Our organization has been active as an independent care provider since September 2009. They employ mental health professionals, therapists, psychologists and a large group of fully trained volunteers who allow us to provide round-the-clock confidential support through chats, phone calls, and online therapy sessions. 113 works in close cooperation with the mental health institutes’ crisis centres. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across the Netherlands for crisis dialogues. Are you struggling with thoughts of suicide? Call 0800 0113

Mental health services:

  • Crisis chat (a direct opportunity to talk online to a trained volunteer)
  • Crisis telephone (a direct opportunity to talk to a trained volunteer by phone and, if necessary, to a professional)
  • Chat therapy (a maximum of 8 online chat dialogues with a professional)
  • Self-help course (an independent online course aimed at reducing suicidal tendencies)
  • Self-tests (questionnaires to fill in and to offer an indication of the severity of your troubles and symptoms (an anxiety and depression test and a test that measures suicidal tendencies)
  • Consultation by telephone for other professionals, next of kin or friends about somebody in need (the opportunity to pose a brief question to a professional in a session lasting a maximum of ten minutes)

Slachtofferhulp (Victim help) - anonymous calls

This is an organization that helps people who are victims of violence, theft, fraud, sexual harrasment, a traffic accidance and more ( . There are multiple ways of contact; by phone and by e-mail. Call 0900 0101 to get help. Although the website is in Dutch, the helpline is accessible for Dutch speaking and International students.

Anonymous chats