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Unfortunately, we are not providing any summaries at the moment.

Disclaimer: these files have been uploaded by RSM students. We, as STAR, have checked the documents on quality and relevancy, however, cannot guarantee that it includes all topics. For more information, read our terms & conditions. Don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to

At this moment, we do not yet offer BA/ IBA 1 summaries. We are currently looking at ways to expand our offering with high-quality and relevant material based on the new curriculum.


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How does this platform work?
Good question!

We facilitate the exchange of study material! As contributor, you can upload your (old) summaries to this platform. If accepted, you receive €25,- in cash! We will make sure to distribute your study material to the whole RSM community. Hence, by uploading your materials you help your fellow students with their studies.

What kind of material can I upload?
The short answer: basically any summaries or readings (as long as you made it)!

You can upload any Word files that you created in other to prepare for the exam. Our upload form indicates which courses we are currently looking for.

Note: we only accept original material, that you created yourself. This material, however, can be based on lectures, literature or other readings.

When do I receive the cash incentive?
All material uploaded to this site is checked manually. If your work is considered to be original and of good quality, you will get a confirmation email. After the confirmation email, it usually takes up to 7 days to process the payment.

Is the study material published on this platform still relevant?
Most material uploaded to this site is made by students that attended the course during past years. However, before being accepted, we compare course manuals of previous years against the most recent one. Only if the course has not changed significantly, we publish uploaded material. On top of that, we manually scan through uploaded material to check for quality and completeness. Hence, most study material is still relevant. Nonetheless, we encourage you to check the material yourselves.

Good luck with your studies!

There is no BA/ IBA 1 material available, why not?
Due to the changes in the curriculum, we are currently not offering any first year courses. We are now exploring ways to do so in the future.

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Right now, we do not accept new summaries. We will be back next academic year!


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