Information for new BSC & Premaster students in Rotterdam

We are happy to help you with all your questions about your first steps in Rotterdam! On this page you will be able to find all the information about the housing situation, sports and social life in Rotterdam, the most important study information and about the introduction periods!

Are you a incoming Master student? Then visit this page.

Welcome to Rotterdam!

STAR is there for all RSM students and offers events year-round.


Introduction period

What kind of introductory activities are there for me?

You will have the best start of your study time in Rotterdam by attending the Eurekaweek and the IBA Freshmen Weekend or BA Introduction Days. These events enable you to find new friends, get to know the city but most of all to have a fun start of your Bachelor in Rotterdam!

BA Introduction Days

Wil je je medestudenten op een persoonlijker niveau leren kennen, dan hebben wij het perfecte evenement voor jou! STAR – de officiële studievereniging van Rotterdam School of Management – organiseert een introductiedag op vrijdag 3 en zaterdag 4 september. Het programma zal helemaal fysiek plaatsvinden in Rotterdam, en is de perfecte dag om nieuwe vrienden te maken!

IBA Freshmen Weekend

If you want to get to know your fellow students on a more personal level, STAR – the official Study Association of the Rotterdam School of Management – is organizing the STAR IBA Freshmen Weekend. The introduction will either be on Friday August 27th or on Saturday August 28th. The day is full of fysical events in Rotterdam, and will be the perfect moment to meet new friends. Interested? 

Should I join the Eurekaweek? I heard a lot of Bachelor students attend?

There are indeed many bachelors present during this week. You will be in a group with students of your degree, which helps you getting to know them already before the kick-off. Furthermore, from what I have heard it is a good chance to explore the nice spots of the city!


When can I buy my books?

Professors are currently setting up book lists. Once those are known, you will be able to buy them via STARwith discount or via the Study Store on campus. Books usually are available one week before the programme starts.

How should I prepare for my exams?

This is totally up to you. There is not one ideal way of studying, but is advised to go to class as much as possible. At STAR we offer you various options to support you in your study, with for example summaries, study groups, study tips and skillsweek.

Should I attend class every week?

Yes! It is advised to go to class every week to keep track of your courses.

Housing in Rotterdam

What is the best website to find a room or apartment?

There are multiple platforms where you can find a room or apartment like:

Besides it is highly recommendable to find people in the Facebook group of your study to share a room with.

Where can I register with the municipality?

When you arrive from abroad, you have to apply for registration in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) within five days. For all the information about the procedure please check out the municipality’s website.

Do you have other questions relating housing?

The website of the municipality is pretty complete and will provide you with all the necessary information.

Extracurricular activities

Why should I do extracurricular activities?

During your studies you will learn the hard skills of management, but you do not get the experience of practicing these skills in the real life where you also need soft skills. It is important to develop yourself in a personal and professional way to be prepared for the working life.

What does STAR offer for extracurricular activities?

The STAR Academy is the learning center within STAR that offers members the opportunity to develop their personal and professional skills in of our more than 50 committees. The level of  development opportunities increases with the intensity of involvement respectively: passive members, active members and full-time active members. As a full-time member of STAR you will have the maximum opportunity to develop yourself!

How much time should I spend on extracurricular activities?

For first years it is advised to focus on their study and not spend more than 8 hours a week on extracurricular activities. Later on in your study you will be able to spend more time on extracurricular activities or even do a full-time committee or board.