Lars Bloksma

Hey everyone! My name is Lars Bloksma and I am the Brand Manager of the XLIVth STAR board. I joined RSM in 2018  when I enrolled in the bachelor of Business Administration. I am currently in the last phase of this course and hope to obtain my degree soon. I joined STAR during my second year in Rotterdam as the Marketing representative of the STAR ski-trip. Luckily, we were able to organize the trip just before COVID struck, and it was truly an amazing experience during which I learned a lot about STAR and about marketing. Marketing caught my interest, and during my third year I became a TA for the course business simulation, during which I coached a dozen teams through a simulated world focussed on marketing decisions. As the Brand Manager, I will continue to pursue this interest during the upcoming year.

Being the Brand Manager, I will be responsible for the STAR brand and its future. I will be involved in all marketing related decisions that STAR and its members make. Besides being the Brand Manager, I will be responsible for innovation within STAR, and be the supervisor for the academic pillar of STAR.

I am excited to meet you all, and look forward to the many drinks we shall have!