Tom van Gogh

Hi! My name is Tom van Gogh and I am the Information Processes Manager of the XLIVth STAR board. I am 22 years old and currently in the last phase of my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. In my second bachelor year, I got to know STAR well by participating as the Program manager in the Eurekaweek committee. Despite an adjusted program due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I got to know lots of new people and realized even more what good experiences STAR has to offer. Therefore, it was not a difficult choice whether I wanted to apply for the next STAR board when I was looking for the next challenge before I start my master.

As the Information Processes Manager, I am responsible for all IT activities as well as process improvements. This includes considering emerging technologies to prepare for the future, managing the Erasmus Recruitment Platform together with EFR, supporting decision making with data and enabling all flagship projects in their online presence. Besides, I will be responsible for the recruitment of the 300 active members and supervising the Premaster committee.

I am excited to make it an unforgettable year and to meet you all!

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