Jorick Stoel

Hello everyone!

My name is Jorick Stoel, 21 years old, and I will be fulfilling the Commercial Relations Manager position within the XLVIIth board.

I started the BA Pre-master from RSM in September 2023. Being new to the city of Rotterdam, I decided to become an active member of STAR to enhance my social life by joining the premaster committee. I quickly realized that STAR has way more to offer than great people; I developed myself professionally and academically. Hence the reason I decided to join the board of STAR. It has brought a lot for me and I want to give other students this opportunity as well.

As the Commercial Relations Manager, I will mainly focus on the relationships with our (corporate) partners and sponsors. I am super excited to expand our network and build long-lasting relationships for the benefit of the association.

I am honored to be part of the XLVIIth board as we will make it our goal to continuously innovate and improve the value we provide to our members. Together with the rest of the board, I am committed to making this year one of growth, success, and memorable experiences for all.

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