Noa Samsom

Hi everyone! My name is Noa Samsom, and I am excited to be the Project Manager Master of the XLVIIth board of STAR. I am eagerly looking forward to meeting so many new people and embarking on this exciting journey together.

I am currently 21 years old and in the final stage of my last year of Business Administration. As I approach the completion of my studies, I am excited to embrace a new challenge, and STAR presents the perfect opportunity for that.

Although I have been a passive member for the past three years, I have always enjoyed the events organized by STAR and have made wonderful friends through this community. Last year, I completed a minor in Neuroeconomics and worked in the financial department. Besides my studies, I am always looking for opportunities to take trips and discover new cultures.

In my role this year, I will be guiding all the master committees. I am really looking forward to the incredible work we will accomplish together and ensuring that it will be a successful year for STAR and its members.

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