Meet Koen!

Koen is a fourth-year International Business Administration student and was the IT&Data Officer within the Erasmus Recruitment Board. Let’s find out his experience during his board year!

1. Why did you decide to become a member of the Erasmus Recruitment Board?

Erasmus Recruitment caught my eye at first in 2019, when I participated in the Erasmus Recruitment Days as an IBA1 student. The sheer scale of the event and diverse set of attending companies really set it apart from the other recruitment events at the Erasmus. I wanted to experience the organisational aspect of the event and reckoned it would be the perfect way to get impressions of various companies/industries whilst working together in a dynamic and lively student board. Being interested in data and given the bright future of information and technology, I was glad to work as the IT&Data Officer within the board.

2. What is your highlight of Erasmus Recruitment?

My highlight of Erasmus Recruitment was definitely the opportunity to participate as a board member in the informal recruitment activities with interesting companies. Playing padel, arcade games at Poing, fine dining at a Strategy Consulting branch dinner were just a few of the activities that offered me the chance to orientate myself among industries that interest me. Next to this highlight, working at the office day in day out with the rest of the board (who become your best mates ;)) towards one end goal is also one of the most enjoyable things you learn to cherish during the year.

3. What is your most valuable lesson?

In my eyes, the most valuable lesson learned during my board year was to ensure that you always communicate clearly regardless of the situation or of who is standing across from you. Especially during the Days, when engaging with fellow board members, students and companies, being self-assured and straight to the point was very important.