Meet Panni!

Panni is a second year International Business Administration student and was the chairwoman of the IBA Freshmen Weekend 2022. Let’s find out how she experienced her first year!

1. What was your first experience with STAR?

I remember having heard of STAR before I even moved to Rotterdam. I saw that we get a discount on the IBA Freshmen Weekend so I thought the 15€ membership fee is absolutely worth it. I was not proven wrong. The Freshmen Weekend was not only a great way to become familiar with STAR but also the perfect start to my studies. That’s the reason why I joined the committee later :).

2. What is your Favorite memory of STAR?

I think it would have to be the STAR Ski Trip for me. It was an amazing week filled with snowboarding, skiing, and of course partying. Needles to say, there were some other events that I really enjoyed, like the Wednesdays at de Vrienden, the Charity Run, and finally, the IBA Freshmen Weekend 2022.

3. Are you planning on doing another committee within STAR?

For the moment, I will take a break from being in a committee. During my second year of IBA, I want to devote more time to other extracurricular activities. Nevertheless, I will remain involved in STAR events, either as a volunteer or as a participant.