Meet Prosper!

Prosper studied International Business Administration and is now taking a gap year before starting his Master’s at RSM. Prosper has been a passive member for years and went on four of STAR’s trips! Let’s hear more about that!

Hi Prosper! What was your first experience with STAR?
During the Eurekaweek, I saw the STAR stand and I just had to take a look. It seemed like an obvious choice to sign up for the official study association of RSM, so I did! The people at the stand told me about all the trips STAR organises and the discounts on books. I “earned” my membership fee back after buying just one book and ended up going on four trips!

Four trips, nice! Which ones?
In my first year, I went to India with iCare. iCare is the STAR committee that organises a three-week volunteering trip every summer to a country far away. My second trip was the Ski Trip, which was just so much fun. That same year, I went to Vietnam with the Study Trip and to Kenia, again with iCare. 

What were the trips like?
Since the trips were organised by students, they were very well-tailored to the expectations of a student. I went on every trip with the objective of meeting new people and experiencing something different. All four trips were very well organised and exceeded my expectations! For instance, the Study Trip to Vietnam allowed me to meet many other IBA students and experience the country’s culture and beautiful nature. On the other side of the “STAR trips spectrum” is the Ski Trip, which I joined to ski and party! I made friends during that trip whom I still talk to today. 

The best experiences for me were the iCare trips. You meet new people with a similar mindset in a completely unique setting. It is a great foundation for long-lasting relationships. Everyone who went on those trips did so to volunteer during their summer holidays, so we were all there for the same purpose. What I also really enjoyed about iCare is that the focus does not lie on visiting the capital or all tourist attractions, rather you go to the middle of nowhere and experience a country’s culture in its purest form. 

iCare trip to India (2018)

iCare trip to India (2018)

IBA Study Trip to Vietnam (2019)

iCare trip to Kenia (2019)