Stephanie is a premaster student and has become an active member at STAR this academic year. She organized multiple events for the premaster cohort. Let’s find out how she experienced her year!

Why did you join Star?
I actually never thought of joining a study association because I just finished my bachelor degree at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, where it is not very common to do so. But through a friend who had been active member at STAR for a longer period, I learned about STAR and got very curious. And so, after the first few times that I organized drinks for the premaster students I thought why not organize more for them whilst being an active at STAR! Other than that, I saw it as a really good opportunity to get to know more people and to be actively involved in the biggest study association in Europe!

What is your Favorite memory of star?
My favorite memory at star is probably the shot padel event that we organized. This was really fun. But also the events that we had with all the actives, such as the gala, members weekend and the cobo were a great experience.

Are you planning on doing another committee within STAR?
Next year I am planning to do my masters in Human Resources. And I am most likely going to apply for a role at the MSc Committee of HRM, as I really like it when you can organize events for people you interact frequently with.