Meet Anthony!

Anthony has recently completed his Bachelor in Business Administration and is now taking a gap year before starting his master’s degree. He has been part of multiple committees with STAR, let’s ask him about his experiences!

Hi Anthony! What was your first experience with STAR?

During the Eurekaweek, I first got in touch with STAR at the information market. I noticed that the people were very nice and they told me more about the BA Introduction Days which I then joined. The weekend was filled with fun activities, and I got to meet a lot of new people, of which a lot I still call close friends. We participated in all sorts of activities, such as the ‘Crazy 43’ for which we had to complete as many tasks throughout the city as possible, the beer cantus, and a lot of partying, of course!

When did you become an active member?

After the Introduction Days, I had so many good memories about the weekend that I decided to join the association as an active member. Luckily enough, recruitment started shortly after the weekend and a while later, I was selected to be part of the Activity Team Active Members (ATAM)! Together with six other first-year students, our committee organized all kinds of fun activities for STAR’s 250+ active members. In November, we organized a theme party, in December the Gala, and in October the Active Members Weekend!

Did you enjoy being part of the committee?

Definitely! Together with my committee, we had dinner together nearly every Wednesday, after which we headed to the Weekly Drink. The Wednesdays were definitely something to look forward to, because every week, we met up with another STAR committee, and got to know a lot of people very quickly! I enjoyed being part of the  active member community so much I joined the BA Study Trip committee as Program Manager in my second year.

How’s the active member life?

The work you need to do only takes a few hours of your week. You have a weekly meeting with your committee and perform your tasks throughout the week. However, there are many activities STAR organizes! Apart from the weekly drinks on Wednesdays, there are a lot of trips you can join during the year, such as the BA/IBA Study Trips. Also, many Active Member-only trainings are organized, in previous years these included for example a Marketing Training and  a cold calling training. I learned many new things about organizing events, being part of a larger organization and professional behavior, all while having a good time with my fellow committee members and other actives!

What is your favorite memory of STAR?

I will always remember the Saturday of the Active Members Weekend my committee and I organized. A lot of us had one too many the Friday before and we went for bowling and a game called ‘Prison Island’ at an arcade close by. The bus journey itself was so chaotic, as the driver wEven though we were so tired, everybody was so eager to win the games, which caused many funny moments. We had beer and barbecue with the group and closed the night with a good party.


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