Meet Jaqueline!

Jaqueline is a second year International Business Administration student and has recently become an active member of STAR. She attended multiple events of STAR, let’s ask her about her experiences!

What was your first experience with star?

Like everybody I first noticed Star during Eurekaweek. I joined as most for the book benefits and other financial advantage but soon got to know all the other benefits there are, also by involving myself more in it and joining as an active member.

When did you join Star?

I first joined Star in my first year of IBA because I wanted to explore my interests a bit more. For that I joined the activity team for my studies, which has the advantage of changing role so I could really dive into many roles during my first year. Fortunately got accepted. During the first year as an active member I met some of my best friends and could develop my skills more. I had a great committee and we always met every Wednesday for dinner and later joined the Zoom meeting, which changed to going the DeVrienden once rules were loosened up.

Why did you join Star again?

I decided to continue with another committee this year because I think Star is one of the best student associations for international student, you not only get to know many people but also find friends and have many fun events in an international environment. I am now part of the commercials team.

What is your Favorite memory of star?

My favorite memory is the first in person event we were able to organize. After hosting so many online events it was great to see what we could do with loosened up rules and see people’s faces in real life!