Meet Esmee!

Esmee is a third year International Business Administration student and was the chairwomen of the STAR Management Week committee 2021. Let’s ask her about her experiences!

What was your first experience with STAR?

I first heard about STAR from my roommate who was an active member at STAR. Then during the Eurekaweek, I visited the STAR stand during the fair on campus. There I talked to a couple of Board members who told me all about the fun and opportunities STAR has to offer.

When did you join STAR?

I joined STAR in my first year as a bachelor student here in Rotterdam. I choose to apply for the IBA Study Trip committee as I love traveling and meeting new people. Our ten day trip to Vietnam was unforgettable! Not only did I have the chance to go to Vietnam with lots of fellow students, during the weekly drinks at de Vrienden Live, I met lots of new people.

Why did you join STAR as a fulltimer?

I always wanted to challenge myself to do something besides my bachelor and before I started my master studies. The STAR Management Week committee allowed me to develop myself on a professional level but also as an individual. Our fulltime period started in April, which gave me the chance to finish most of my bachelor courses and my thesis. The eight months that we worked fulltime to organize this year’s STAR Management Week are unforgettable. During the STAR Management Week you meet so many students, c-level managers, and lots of recruiters, that it really is a once in a lifetime experience. I would definitely recommend anyone to apply for a fulltime position at STAR.

What is your favorite memory of STAR?

Definitely all those days during the STAR Management Week. We started early in the morning with preparing for the day and ended at night. Even though it is hard work, we had lots of fun as a committee and had so many incredible experiences. We were so lucky with the whole COVID-19 situation at the time, because we could do all our events the way we planned them and even had a Closing Party!