Meet Kiki!

Hi Everyone! My name is Kiki Rozendal and I am 22 years old. I have been studying business administration at Erasmus University since 2018 and over the years I have been involved with STAR in different ways.

What was your first experience with STAR?

Although I did eventually want to join a sorority, my priority in my first year of study was to get all my credits. I joined the BA Introduction Days, organized by STAR, where I met a lot of fun and new people. A lot of people did a first-year committee at STAR, so I spent every Wednesday night at de Vrienden. Later in that year I joined the BA Introduction Days committee myself. This was a super fun and learning experience. Until today I still have a great contact with the friends I made during that year.

Did you do any other committees at STAR?

Although I still went to de Vrienden now and then in my 2nd and 3rd year of bachelor, I didn’t do any more committees at STAR during those years. After 3 years of bachelor’s, when I still didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, STAR Erasmus Consulting came along. This is a full-time committee from September to July. STAR Erasmus Consulting focuses on internationally oriented consulting projects. At first, this committee did not interest me very much, because I do not see myself working as a consultant in the future. When I started to learn more about this position, I noticed that there are also many other disciplines that are covered during this year, such as sales, recruitment, HRM and management. I have been the marketing and research manager at STAR Erasmus Consulting for 7 months now and I have learned a lot during this time. I can definitely recommend this board year to everyone!

Are you planning on doing another committee within STAR?

Next year I will be starting my master’s, which I would like to finish within a year. Therefore, I am not planning on doing another committee at STAR. However, I would like to participate in the SMW and the ERD. These are big events, organized by STAR, where you get in to meet a lot of different companies. These events can offer great new opportunities!