Demi Koeleman

Hi! My name is Demi Koeleman and I was the secretary of the XLIIIrd STAR board. I  finished my bachelor’s in business administration.

In my first bachelor year, I joined STAR’s Eurekaweek committee. Together with my fellow committee members, I promoted STAR at the introduction week of Rotterdam. At the beginning of the second year, I moved to Rotterdam and I became part of the marketing team together with our Treasurer Bente. It was a fun year with as highlight the finishing of the yearbook. In my third year, I went on exchange to Madrid, which was an amazing experience. During my bachelor I visited many parties, events and trips of STAR and I made a lot of friends. STAR really enriched my student life and that is something I want to give back to the next generations of students.

As the secretary of the board, I was the first contact person for STAR’s members and I facilitated the planning of all events. I was also responsible for the recruitment process, the activity teams, and the premaster committee. I really enjoyed my board year and, all the experience I gained and the many people I met. 

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