Matthijs van Kesteren

Hi! I am Matthijs van Kesteren and I was the Commercial Relations Manager of the XLIIIrd STAR Board. Despite, yet at the same time because of the different circumstances this year, I had the opportunity to work on so many projects that gave me the energy to do as best as possible this year. I loved being involved with organising our first ever Start-Up Fair by our commercial team, the first ever Consultancy Castle and setting up a strategy for one of our fastest growing projects: the RSM STAR Case Club. But most of all, I am super proud of the rest of my Board who managed to add the National Student Competition, the Track Orientation Fair and the Innovation Taskforce among other things to our portfolio! I wish the XLIVth STAR Board the best of luck with what is to come, I am confident they will be able to crush our accomplishments and bring STAR further in our journey to enrich RSM student life!

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