Lieke Venema

Hey there! I am Lieke Venema and I was the Brand Manager of the XLIIIrd STAR Board. When I started my Bachelor’s in International Business Administration, I moved from my hometown Gouda to Rotterdam and fell in love with the big city! Before becoming a board member, I had not been an Active Member at STAR before. My “newbie” status allowed me to bring a fresh perspective to the table, although it was a struggle sometimes to figure out all the “STARchon”!

As the Brand Manager, I was responsible for the formulation and execution of STAR’s marketing strategy and public relations. I was involved in all of STAR’s marketing-related decisions and was concerned with the future of our brand. Besides this, I was Human Resources manager, making me responsible for the personal and professional development of our Active Members.

It has been a wild ride and it was so nice to meet all of you!

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