Anouk van Balen

Hi everyone! My name is Anouk van Balen, and I am the Secretary of the XLVth STAR Board. I am 21 years old and in the 3rd year of my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I wanted to meet many new friends in my first year, so I joined the BA Introduction Days committee. We were able to organize the weekend despite COVID-19, and it was a weekend full of events and fun activities. In my second year, I joined the Commercial Team, where I developed various skills such as cold calling and maintaining relationships. This past year, I was the Chairwoman of the Speaker Series Committee. We organized a speaker event with such great companies with inspiring stories. All these experiences at STAR have made me enthused for a great challenge, the STAR Board.

As Secretary of the XLVth STAR Board, I will be the primary contact person and facilitate the planning of all events and trips. In addition, I will be the HR manager, guide and supervise the Activity Teams and be in charge of the Academic pillar of STAR. I look forward to meeting everyone and making this year an unforgettable lustrum year!