Sander Bruggeman

Hey all! My name is Sander Bruggeman, and I am the Information Processes Manager of the XLVth STAR board. I am 21 years old and about to receive my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I joined STAR during my first year of my bachelor’s as a member of the Activity Team Active Members. After that, I joined the BA Study Trip committee as a marketeer and eventually became the chairman of the Marketing Team. During these years, I gained a lot of new experiences, developed my professional skills and got to make new friends through the help of STAR. This motivated me to look for a new challenge and apply for a board year.

As the Information Processes Manager, I will be responsible for all IT-related activities and processes. This includes implementing data-driven decision-making, updating the long-term technology strategy, improving the STAR website and providing support on the technical issues of all our flagships like the STAR Management Week and the Erasmus Recruitment Platform. Furthermore, I will also supervise Star Erasmus Consulting and be responsible for recruiting our active members.

I look forward to meeting you all and making this lustrum year extra special!