Caroline Janse

Hi All! I am Caroline Janse, and I am 21 years old. I am the Project Manager Bachelor of the XLVth STAR Board. Currently, I’m finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and I look forward to starting the next academic year as part of the STAR Board.

Before my time at the Rotterdam School of Management, I lived abroad in Aruba for 13 years. Once I had graduated high school there, I returned to The Netherlands to start my Bachelor’s degree at Erasmus University. During my first year of BA, I joined STAR, but I have remained a passive member until now. I decided to apply for the STAR board because I have focused on my Bachelor’s degree for the past three years, and it felt like time for a change.

As the Project Manager Bachelor, I’m responsible for supervising and guiding all of the Bachelor committees. Next to that, I am also responsible for Innovation within STAR. I will take it upon myself to create an environment where STAR can add value for all its members.

I am excited to start this new journey and look forward to meeting everyone!