Patrick Stam

Hi everyone! My name is Patrick Stam, and I am the Treasurer of the XLVth STAR Board. I am 21 years old and finishing my Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration. During the first few years of my bachelor’s, I was an active member of de RSZV, where I got some experience in (financial) planning as the Treasurer of one of the association’s biggest events. In addition, I have done an internship at the accounting firm EY, where I expanded my knowledge about financial matters and working in teams. I am ready to apply my theoretical and practical knowledge to a Board year at STAR.

As the new Treasurer, I am excited to aid our active members, and my fellow board members in ensuring their budgets are spent wisely and responsibly. In addition, I look forward to adding to the overall strategy of STAR. Since this is my first active year at STAR, I am excited to meet everyone and create a great year for all of our members!