Marc Slokker

Hello everyone! I am Marc Slokker and I am 22 years old. I am the Brand Manager of the XLVth STAR Board. I finished my bachelor’s in International Business Administration last year, after which I now have the honour to be part of the STAR board for this academic year. I joined STAR in my second year, becoming part of the marketing team. Even though I could not attend many events due to COVID-19 restrictions, I still enjoyed my time at STAR and learned a lot, which made me join the IBA Study Trip committee in my third year. I also enjoyed this committee massively, getting to know many people during the year and helping people have a fantastic time during the trip. Ultimately, all of this made me decide to apply for the STAR board.

As the Brand Manager of STAR, I will be responsible for maintaining and advancing the STAR brand, combined with the marketing for the committees, actions and events STAR organizes. I look forward to expanding the impact of the STAR brand amongst students and companies in the upcoming year!