Stijn Ouwerkerk

Hey everyone! My name is Stijn Ouwerkerk, and I am the chairman of the XLVth STAR board. I am 21 years old, and currently in my 3rd year of International Business Administration. Last year, I joined STAR as an active member by becoming part of the Speaker Series committee. With this committee, we organized an amazing guest speaker event with fun and inspiring companies. In the past year, I met a lot of great people at STAR, which made me excited to apply for a board year to develop myself further on both a professional and personal level!

As the Chairman of STAR, I am responsible for the long-term strategy of STAR. I support my fellow board members in their activities and make sure that we maintain a great relationship with the RSM and our other stakeholders. I also supervise the STAR Case Club Board and it is my mission to engage and manage the relationship with our STAR alumni.