Bastiaan van der Kolk

Hello everyone! My name is Bastiaan van der Kolk, I’m twenty years old and I will be the Chairman of the XLVIth STAR Board. Joining STAR in my freshman year, I became an active member this year by joining the Eurekaweek Committee as Program. Collaborating with a fantastic team, we aim to create an unforgettable Eurekaweek for prospective STAR members.

Getting to know STAR as an active member, I realized the great opportunities that STAR has to offer in terms of professional and personal development. This and the amazing people that commit themselves to STAR made me want to apply for a board year. Additionally, my internship experience has reinforced my belief in hands-on learning, where real-world experiences complement textbook knowledge.

As the Chairman I will be responsible for the long-term strategy of STAR. Besides this, I also support my fellow board members in their activities and make sure that we maintain a great relationship with the RSM and our other stakeholders. Lastly, I will be in charge of Sustainability & Societal Impact, Diversity & Inclusion and supervise the I WILL Journey committee and Changemaker Forum.

I’m eagerly looking forward to the upcoming year, as it promises to be filled with new encounters and exciting connections within the STAR community!