Ruben Talen

Hello everyone! My name is Ruben Talen, and I will be the Treasurer of the XLVIth STAR board. I
am 22 years old and currently in my 3rd year of Business Administration. Begin 2023 I left my
beautiful hometown in Zeeland for a new experience in Rotterdam. I have always remained a
passive member of STAR, but since I moved, I felt this was the right opportunity to make that a

During my Bachelor, I was Student Representative for many courses, succeeded in an internship
program of Ocean Network Express, and gained experience working within the debtor
management sector. As the Treasurer of STAR, I am responsible for assisting the active members
and fellow board members to ensure that their budgets are properly formatted with a focus on
spending them wisely and rationally. Besides, I will take responsibility for ensuring that everyone
feels included and STAR will provide opportunities that can create value both academically and

I am really looking forward to starting this journey and getting to know all the active and passive
members of STAR in the upcoming year!