Timo Zandvliet

I am Timo Zandvliet and am thrilled to share my excitement as I embark on a new journey as the
Commercial Relations Manager of the XLVIth STAR board.

Before taking on this role, I finished my Business Administration Bachelor, have been a case solver
in the STAR Case Club, and was the chair of the I WILL committee. Additionally, I have
represented the students in the University Council and will also be a student representative in the
University Council for the upcoming year.

From the moment I joined STAR, Ive been captivated by its vibrant spirit and a strong sense of
belonging. The unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth, along with the
dynamic atmosphere, has inspired me greatly. I am fueled by the prospect of creating meaningful
connections with our partners and sponsors. I am eager to explore innovative opportunities to
strengthen our network, fueling the growth of our members and the association as a whole.

Let us embrace this new chapter, brimming with enthusiasm and determination. I am committed to
making a lasting impact and honored to be part of the XLVIth STAR board, the team that will
contribute to shaping the future of this exceptional association.