Jeanne Balvers

My name is Jeanne Balvers and I will be the Project Manager Master for STAR next year. I am
very excited because I am eager to get to know everyone who is as excited as I am about STAR.

In the first year of my Bachelor, I was active at STAR in the Activity Team for Active Members, and
I had the marketing position in the BA Intro committee. In my second year, I focused on other
aspects of the student life. I started rowing a lot and fully committed to that lifestyle. Now, in the
third year of my Bachelor, I went on an exchange to Japan. I had the time of my life and even
traveled in Asia for a while afterward. When I came back, I started kickboxing and at the moment of
writing, I am preparing for next Board year!

I am a very active person, and I am very excited for the coming year. If you ever
want to talk about rowing, kickboxing, Japan, or anything else, you can always reach out to me!