Caroline Debets

Hey everyone! My name is Caroline Debets, and I am the Brand Manager for the
XLVIth STAR board. I am 21 years old and about to complete my bachelor’s degree in
International Business Administration. I joined STAR in my first year as a marketeer for the IBA
Freshmen Weekend committee and joined the Reach Out committee in my second year as a
fundraiser. During these years, I got to make new friends and gain new skills, and this excited me
to apply for a board year.

As the new Brand Manager, I am thrilled and excited to take on the task of molding and managing
the public image of STAR. In this role, I will be responsible for ensuring our brand communicates
the values and mission of the STAR Board effectively and consistently. This will involve developing
a comprehensive brand strategy, overseeing our communications, and marketing efforts, and
ensuring that every interaction people have with our brand reflects our commitment to fostering a
vibrant, inclusive, and engaging student community.

I am excited to make this year memorable with everyone!